Page Briefings (PBs) are separated into alphabetical groups. The first two groups contain PBs from the Core Torchbearer Lecture Series and Extended Page Briefings (EPBs), which go beyond a single double-sided page. The last groups contain how-to information on home-fellowships and Internet-based churches, as well as additional Torchbearer Page Briefings (PBs) and Torchbearer Extended Page Briefings (EPBs) that are not from the core lecture series, which can be used in Bible study groups or churches.

Note: In some instances, only the PDF document or JPG image is available. Charts, diagrams, and documents that contain large amounts of references need to be downloaded as a PDF, otherwise you will be missing that information. Generally speaking, the PDF version is clearer visually compared to the JPG version. Also, if an 11x17 inch and 8.5x11 inch document is available for the same PB, they are both found within the ‘Torchbearer Page Briefings (PBs)’ section even though the 8.5x11 is technically an Extended Page Briefing (EPB).

Languages: To translate any of the Page Briefings to your language, first download a Page Briefing below, and then click on this link and follow the simple instructions.

Books are arranged in the order in which they were published. The first group contains books associated with the Torchbearer lecture series and the second group contains our remastered & republished rare books. Some books are available in Paperback, Hardcover, digital eBook, and Audiobook formats. You can jump to the books section and scroll down to view all of the books available.

Because the most accurate Bibles and information about the lineage of those Bibles is being restricted in more and more countries, we strongly encourage everyone to copy and disseminate our content that is registered under (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) in accordance with the simple rules set forth in the Copyright Notice File (Note: Most, but not all content is under (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)). It is very important to get this information into the hands of those who are seeking answers, so that they may have stronger faith, trust, and love for our beloved Lord Jesus Christ! If you are an non-worldly uncompromising pastor, always be prepared to move your church to diversified house churches. If you are not a pastor, consider creating, coordinating, and facilitating your own home-fellowship or Internet-based church (see the How-to area for details).